About Julie’s Bath Tub


Over the 6 years, we have been supplying single portable plastic bathtubs for companies, homes and single adult users whom have the need to take a bath or soak.  We feel that helping our customers by providing alternatives to get themselves soak in a bath for various reasons, either improving one’s health or beauty, is another achievement to practice a healthy lifestyle.

We are bless with the quality of plastic bathtub, with good shock and heat resistance , suitable for soaking. Comes with  an affordable price compare to the traditional ones.   Currently supplying a singlea dult soaking bath tub in this region. Our objective is to allow any single users to have the miracle feeling of soaking whole body.  get re-energize,  relax, rejuvenate and experience yourself to soak beautifully in a tub just like in a luxury accommodation like ‘Cleoptra’ did soaking with milk. You may add any sorts of medium such as bath salts, bath flakes, milk or even spread mix flowers fragrantly to gain the mood of relaxation in a comfort of own home. Maintaining good health and wellness is an essential in our live. As much as we concern, it is the great importance in our health status and quality of life. The increasingly recognized that health is maintained and improved not only through the advancement and application , but also through the efforts and intelligent lifestyle choices of having tubs for individual and society.

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