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Soaking Tub | SPA Hot Tubs

An exclusive home soaking bath, shower tub that is portable . It is a simple, durable, sturdy tub and it’s simplicity design features, provide users experience same comfort in a bath soaking session.

Enjoying the most relaxing experiences you will ever have to get whole body soak. Get yourself compact with warm water, add some media like bath salt with some drops of essential oil to refresh and re-energize your body. With this small plastic soak tub that it’s material can withstand very hot to warm water.


small soaking bath tubs

adult portable bathtub


Find some time to relax yourself by soaking oneself in a private bathroom with a portable tub is another way to create daily wellness in your own space.

If wellness is possible to carry out in your small space, everyone should look for any opportunity to relax and escape from the hectic and stress of everyday life. More and more people now prefer to enjoy the beneficial and invigorating experience in the comfort of their own four walls.

tab mandi murah

Depending on the usage and requirements of the bathroom users, wellness pleasure and relaxation are now making their way into the private sphere – and this can be almost achieve without restriction stress reducer and has healthful impacts on physiology.

Taking a shower and a bath does make a different. A shower feels good too, but it is nothing compared to a bath. A bath gives your muscle a chance to soak, where else showering does not.

Soaking in a bathtub somehow can be a stress reducer and has healthful impacts on mind , body and soul. Soaking helps a lot from acute to chronic illness, that require full immerse in water with some solutions or just merely basic minerals for remedy.




portable bathtub

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